Wrap Shop Inc.

Wrap Shop is a creative packaging store that caters to the needs of today’s innovative consumer. From a passionate interest in various creative gift wrapping techniques and a nagging desire to provide a haven for a market deprived of refreshing and creative wrapping materials and ideas, Wrap Shop was born.

Our vision consists of uplifting gift packaging in the Philippines and transforming the "lowly” gift wrapping business into an art form. Instead of being the last thing on people’s minds, we want packaging to be in the forefront of gift ideas and the wrapped gift a reflection of the giver’s fine taste and style.

We started Wrap Shop in November 1995 to provide unconventional packaging options to the reluctant conservative market. We pioneered the production and marketing of premium gift boxes in vibrant gold and silver boxes and introduced an entire line of gift wrapping materials and accessories. Within the next two years, we witnessed the sprouting of solid gold and silver wrappers and boxes everywhere.

With the market slowly appreciating the Wrap Shop packaging concept, we moved on to bolder packaging ventures. In July 1999, we launched our indigenous packaging line featuring pandan boxes and bayongs. Wine bottles were dressed up in rustic burlap or elegant sinamay wraps. We promoted the wider use of indigenous packaging materials in our wrapping concepts and reinvented traditional materials to give a more upbeat look – we made use of eco-friendly packaging materials which were proudly Pinoy. Wrap Shop was already earth friendly way before the era of Green Packaging.

In the retail sector, we currently cater to the discriminating market of the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell Center, Makati. We offer custom packaging products and services to our clients – boxes made according to client’s specifications, personalized ribbons, gift cards and wrappers as well as bulk wrapping services and supplies.

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